Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spirit 2 Win

Presentations are only for the Phoenix area.

Jeff Young presents an inspirational and motivational message geared to students 9-13 years old as an approach to a winning attitude towards life and future.

What content will you use for your presentation?

A one hour Power Point presentation transitioning from introduction of philosophy to detailed information on approach. 

What assistance do you need at the presentation site?

   A projector and a screen for laptop use. If a computer and projector are available, a thumb drive can be used. 

What size of group?

 The group can range up to 25. This facilitates meaningful interaction with the group. 

What is the preferred age group for this presentation?

 9 to 13 seems to be the best age to introduce this approach to students.

Will you have a question and answer period at the conclusion of the presentation?


What will the presentation cover?

  · introduce the concept

  · address behavior patterns relating to a culture of great achievement and mediocre results 

  · how to understand a youngster’s behavior

  · how to improve behavior to foster greater achievement 

  · how to build a foundation for personal mastery of behaviors, actions, the desire to want to win  

What is the lead time for scheduling?

Normally 7 days.

Would this presentation be applicable to an older group of young adults?

We could discuss the possibility of speaking to an older group of younger adults, say over 13 years old.

What are the fees for the presentation

 $100 to $300, depending on the audience and the organization.